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4/9/18:  Where to start? So much has been going on lately...most of it small and not update-worthy, but we have a few things for you. First, the interior has been painted a light gray...almost white. Hopefully it'll balance well with the dark upholstery.

The instrument panels were painted with black wrinkle paint, like the factory plane. The front panel now has three segments, just like the factory ST. A Belite 3-in-one gauge (airspeed, altimeter, and VSI) fits very nicely in the left segment, the right is blank, and the center is still the baggage door. So clean a look!

In addition, the controls are now installed, as are seat harnesses. There are two baggage locations. One is MASSIVE and sits above the finally-installed fuel tank (hardware needs finalized). The other baggage location is similar to the factory location behind the front seat.

Notice the transponder case and paper tray ahead of the control stick.

We also started cutting aluminum on the CNC. It cuts so well! But that is a post for a different day.

Also, by request, here are photos of the instrument panels installed. To hold the radio, voltmeter, and other things, there will be a smaller, less visible panel tucked under the rear panel. The front baggage door will eventually be sealed with weatherstrip for a cleaner look. Notice the large size of the forward baggage. Also note the instrument access hole on the rear wall of the rear baggage (baggage door behind the front seat, access panel removed). The photo is at a bad angle, but this access hole allows easy instrument maintenance. For kits, the suggested location of the rear panel will be 2" forward of what is shown here. That'll give a roomier feel with easier entry/exit for people with longer legs.

The rubber strip around the cockpit opening will eventually be covered by the distressed brown cockpit combing.

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