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10/4/18:  It's structurally complete! Well, aside from the wingtip leading edges, but close enough to celebrate with an update. The rest of the pre-bent leading edge was simply wrapped by hand. It took a piece of wood and help from an employee to get it started, but it was smooth sailing once a few clecos were in.

Now that we're on to the systems and the remainder of the covering, I'm hoping the pace picks up a bit. We're scheduled to be flying in late April/early May.

As it is, the plane weighs 376 lbs, including the controls, fuel tank, seat belts, upholstery, instruments, etc. This is putting us on track to meet the weight goal of 745 lbs empty.

For those who haven't seen, we've also gone through some numbers to fine-tune the gross weight.  After a few adjustments, the gros weight for sport pilots will be 1260 lbs and the gross weight for private pilots will be up to 1320 lbs.  The 1260 sport pilot gross is based on stall speed requirements.  This number is subject to change after the test flights.
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3/23/19:  I’ve been very kindly reminded that it is probably a good time for an update.

Rest assured much progress has been made, sometimes 15 hours at a time, 6 days a week.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel!  As of now, the windshields and all the fairings on the plane are fitted, the wings covered and days away from paint, and the cowl ready for construction at the metal shop. 

Pending timely delivery of the D-Motor LF-39 and cowl, and assuming I don’t fall behind, we’re hoping for certification in late May/early June.  What this means is that there is a very real possibility you’ll see 24NK arrive at Oshkosh under its own power.  Fingers crossed!  We have our goals, but nothing good comes from rushing aviation.  Therefore, we must focus on the tasks at hand and not rush just to make a self-imposed July deadline.

For those who have put down a deposit to reserve their place in line: you’ll be getting an e-mail in the coming weeks.  We’ll be talking directly with each of you about upcoming schedules and kit forms.  We’ll be at our clean new shop starting this June and want to make sure we’re starting things off smoothly with a focus on personalized service.  After all, a business is only as good as its customers.

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